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About Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant & Inn

Established in 1976, Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant & Inn is adjacent to an iconic landmark nestled in the heart of Louisiana’s River Region, between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Surrounded by history, this establishment offers guests a unique blend of Southern culture, culinary comfort, and relaxing lodgings.

Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant & Inn Beginnings

When Zeb Mayhew, Jr. arrived at Oak Alley in the summer of 1976 to carry on the legacy left by his great aunt, Josephine Armstrong Stewart (last resident owner of Oak Alley Plantation), he had no idea what would come of his new venture.

Zeb didn’t waste much time, and in Fall of the same year he arrived, he opened the restaurant.  They focused on serving filling sandwiches and chips and then grew their menu options to spoon and pot meals, serving the best of Cajun/Creole delicacies. The restaurant even added chef specials and homemade desserts to the menu.

The gift shop was also opened as a small room adjacent to the restaurant and then grew into the full fledge gift shop it is today (utilizing an old farming pavilion). Across the way of the gift shop is the West Pavilion that once served as an open-air pavilion that stored farming equipment (with rooms served for milking cows). The West Pavilion is now the group dining facility, event facility, and Spirit’s Bar.

The overnight cottages were built around the turn of the century as housing for farm workers. The 3 deluxe cottages (7, 8, 9) were built much later in 2015 as similar copies of the original cottages for more guests looking to explore the area.

The plantation

Adjacent to the Restaurant & Inn is Oak Alley’s historic grounds & exhibits, owned and operated by Oak Alley Foundation. 

For more information, please visit OakAlleyPlantation.org

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Explore the Area

Visit and stay with us at Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant & Inn and explore other points of interest around the area.

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We’re Committed to Your Experience

From offering exceptional dining to providing relaxing lodging experiences, our mission is to share the spirit of Southern hospitality with visitors from around the world.

We invite you to be a part of our story, experience the unique culture of the South, and create lasting memories at Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant & Inn.

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